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Problems with Bennington College
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so uh
Is LJ in Japanese for everyone else or is it just me? Because I'm really sure I didn't set it to be in Japanese...
...I guess I might have some Japanese language cookie or something?

you've wandered so far from the person you are
apparently, I am rejoining the self-indulgent rambling fad

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in re: the HP movie
Someone pointed out to me on Facebook...

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Continued Adventures in Japanese Homework

"This is my friend.
He has a lot of secrets.

He is like Batman."


The Nintendo 3DS
the back of the box says "A NEW DIMENSION". Really, Nintendo?Collapse )

If I think of more later, I'll just say so.

this is totally teaching me about the real world

Sometimes I have to watch movies at work that are...dense. Click for my thoughts on one example.


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a brief WTFrant about the Oscars
Mostly, I don't care about this kind of thing, but someone is going to have to explain to me why Hailee Steinfeld received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in True Grit.

I say this not because I don't think she deserved the nomination. She was fantastic. I ask this because anyone who has seen True Grit or even overheard the trailer for True Grit on TV somewhere knows that she was the main character of the movie. Wikipedia lists her before Jeff Bridges when it describes who stars in the film, and yet for some reason Jeff Bridges' role was considered a leading role. Half of the movie is Hailee Steinfeld's character just trying to get Jeff Bridges' character to be involved; if anything, he should have gone into the supporting role category. Need more convincing? Ask the Coen Brothers!Cut for sparkletext and maybe True Grit spoilersCollapse )

So maybe I'm misunderstanding what makes an actor qualify for Best Supporting Role as opposed to Best Leading Role and it actually doesn't have to do with who the main character is. Maybe they knew Natalie Portman was going to win Best Leading Actress and wanted to give the girl a chance. Or maybe they're the type of people who consider Jeff Bridges more important because he's already famous and think it's okay to marginalize Hailee Steinfeld because of her age.

Also, while I'm on the subject, does anyone else think it's fucked up that they separate Best Actress and Best Actor? Being an actress is not actually different from being an actor as I understand it, unless you count the fact that actresses have about 20 times the amount of competition for a significantly lower number of roles and will only be cast if they're one specific body type. If Hollywood is **so progressive** (which yeah, no one actually believes), can they not just give out two awards to the two best performers and not take gender into account?

And finally, who the hell decided it was a good idea to consider Inception for Best Soundtrack? I mean. I mean. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNN.

"life at this temperature, life underwater"
Things that have happened since Field Work Term started:

1. My parents have been remarkably inconsistent about what we have money for and what we don't. Money to live in the same state as my job? NO. $10 every day for parking vaguely near a train station more than an hour away, on top of $275 per month for a train ticket, and the money I have to spend to fill up the gas tank since I drive every day? YES. This is not the only example but it's definitely the most glaring. Even the amount of money I pay for my horrible sometimes-2-hours commute would, granted, not actually get me any suitable place to live in New York, but my parents are acting like doing this is free. The only way I get by without getting pissed off is by pretending the parking is free. Which it isn't.

2. In regard to my parents and money, my dad actually broke up with his partner [er, business partner] last October and have sort of just been leading me to believe they'd have it all worked out within a couple months whereas actually that was not the case. My dad's been trying to start his own practice, and he was expecting to get a loan from the bank, but after making him jump through months' worth of hoops, they were only willing to lend him about 1/3 of what he needed. So he ended up just taking the money out of his retirement fund to get the business started. Which sucks, but at least they should be finished with the starting of their business soon. Unless my parents are leading me on again. Which is possible.

3. My job is effing sweet. I watch movies and write whether I think they're worth other people's time or not. If it were not for the aforementioned horrible commute it would be the best Field Work Term ever.

4. Also in re: living situation, I'm living with my aunt and uncle and my 11-year-old cousin. His brother who is my age has been around once or twice but I've always had to be somewhere else when he's here. They're nice people but they're so friendly. I just want to come home to an empty apartment and be left alone. Eating dinner at a consistent time every day is doing horrible things to my health. I would be having such a perfect time if I could just live alone and instead it's every day "MADS WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TOGETHER TONIGHT." I'll give you a hint: we are not going to do anything together because I am neither your babysitter nor your entertainment device. I love you, kid, but I don't actually want to live with you. At all. Maybe I ought to just start coming home at 10.

5. I don't have enough hours. I'm not really sure how, but at about halfway through the term, I have 1/3 of my hour requirement done IF my supervisor is feeling generous with the hours. Although I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually keep track of when I'm there and when I'm not there.

6. I'm having second thought about going back to school at all, honestly. I'm no good for it. It's not that good for me. And it's so pricey. But I don't exactly have an alternative. Most of the things I loved about college, I think, were actually just things I loved about not living with my parents or about having a car.

7. I had an AWESOME BIRTHDAY which sort of lasted a week but it was an AWESOME week. I had AWESOME WEEABOO ADVENTURES with ansemaru , demeure [and Justin who lacks the LJ], senkami , and kataribe and then went home to my---awesome? ---family and ate AWESOME ITALIAN FOOD and then saw an AWESOME MUSICAL in my AWESOME FAVORITE CITY. Although going back home raised the usual conflicted feelings. Sigh.

8. My great-aunt died. I liked her. Funerals and Georgia are difficult things. I guess that's all.

9. I've developed an even deeper hatred for New Jersey drivers. There is not a single person on the roads in this state who has a basic preschool understanding of concepts like "WAIT" and "PLAY NICE".

10. I'm also not too keen on New Yorkers.

11. Also, I have no effing idea why my office needs to be in Manhattan and how they afford it. You could really do the exact same work from literally anywhere in the country and the company is not exactly rolling in dough. bastards won't even pay for my commute But whatever, I'm sure they have their reasons.

12. I got a twitter. life_underwater. I don't really know why.

13. Also, since I normally write about vacations here, my family went to Atlantic City over Christmas but it was so awful that we're all just pretending it didn't happen.

another emo tirade which you are honestly better off skipping
I don't know who told me this was a good idea but I'll maul him or her.Collapse )


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